also: import quota
Puts limits on the quantity of certain products that can be legally imported into a particular country during a particular time frame. There is a Fixed quota, which is a maximum quantity not to be exceeded, and tariff rate surcharge, which permits additional quantities but at much higher duty. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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quota quo‧ta [ˈkwəʊtə ǁ ˈkwoʊ-] noun [countable]
an amount of something that is officially allowed or expected in a particular period of time:

• The U.S. has for years imposed quotas on Chinese garment imports.

• France enforces an import quota of 3% of total car sales.

• a meeting of OPEC to discuss production quotas

• Salesmen selling over their quota receive a $1000 bonus.

disˈabled ˌquota
HUMAN RESOURCES LAW the lowest percentage of jobs that an organization must give to people who have a disability:

• An employer who fails to meet the disabled quota will be prosecuted.

IMˈF ˌquota
ECONOMICS money that a country which is a member of the International Monetary Fund ( IMF) has to give the fund so that it can lend money to countries needing help:

• Without major support, the IMF quota increase cannot go into effect.

ˈjob ˌquota
HUMAN RESOURCES LAW in the US, a minimum number of jobs that must be given by organizations to members of particular groups, such as women, African Americans etc:

• He has put forward a measure that declares job quotas to be `an unlawful employment practice' but permits other forms of affirmative action consistent with the law.

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quota UK US /ˈkwəʊtə/ noun [C]
a fixed limit on the amount of something that someone is allowed to have or is expected to do: an annual/monthly/daily quota »

The annual quota of 140,000 green cards is far lower than the demand.

impose/introduce/set a quota »

This fiscal year, Congress set a quota of 65,000 visas.

fill/meet/reach a quota »

Under the plan, private companies are legally required to fill a 3% quota with young employees.

lift/reduce/raise a quota »

Many agricultural quotas will be lifted.


production quotas

See also DISABLED QUOTA(Cf. ↑disabled quota), IMF QUOTA(Cf. ↑IMF quota), IMPORT QUOTA(Cf. ↑import quota), JOB QUOTA(Cf. ↑job quota)

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